Wills Trusts and Powers of Attorney

Making a Will is an important part of providing for the peace of mind and future financial security of your family and dependents.

We shall be pleased to assist in all aspects of making a Will including Inheritance Tax Planning which has now become an integral part of the Will making process.

We can advise on Charitable and other bequests and on the treatment for tax purposes of Agricultural and Business Property.

Where appropriate we are always happy to work alongside your Accountant or other Financial adviser to ensure that your Will makes the best possible use of any reliefs and exemptions which may be available to you.

Many Clients of all ages, but especially the elderly, regard a Power of Attorney to be an important way of safeguarding the future of not only themselves but also their dependants should an accident or illness occur. They can also be valuable in the event of a prolonged trip abroad. The Partners of the Firm are always willing to accept an appointment as Attorney in cases where this would assist the Client who may require an independent Attorney. This can also be useful where we are instructed to look after a Clients affairs.

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